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Crossminer is an European research project investigating advanced automatic knowledge extraction techniques in the field of software and systems development. The framework then provides a complete analysis of the situation for users and tailored recommendations for developers, through colourful dashboards and a context-aware recommendation Eclipse plugin.

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This project is a follow-up of the Ossmeter EU-funded research project. It leverages its code and assets to build a smarter, better integrated and industrialised product. As for most EU-funded research projects, all outputs of the project are released under an open-source licence and a strong emphasis was set on the dissemination and industrialisation of the project. Among the partners of the project, the Eclipse and OW2 forges are in charge of the dissemination and the industry use cases. Castalia Solutions is an official partner of the consortium and provides services for the Eclipse forge data extraction and industrialisation of the product.