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Eclipse projects and Open data: get to know your project with Alambic

The slides for the talk can be downloaded here, and the full article can be downloaded from here.

Every software project generates a massive amount of data through development and collaboration tools, which can be used to better understand its structure and evolution. This talk presents Alambic, an open-source framework and service to easily centralise, monitor and visualise the data generated by development and collaboration on software projects.

You will learn how to take advantage of the framework to improve your code, practices, and conformance to the Eclipse quality rules, and how to leverage numbers and figures to communicate about how well your project performs.

Proposed plan:

  • Presentation of the Alambic framework
  • Presentation of the Alambic service for Eclipse
  • Data sources: PMI, SonarQube, mailing lists, configuration management, issue tracking, PMD analysis, Stack overflow, Hudson builds
  • Open data, graphics and numbers for communication
  • How to embed plots in external web sites
  • Play with data: Alambic extensions for the data enthusiast
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